A new house was built in 1999, including every possible comfort and using local stone material, in order to maintain the harmony with the environment. It's placed on top of a hill so that almost the whole ranch can be viewed from there.

This new house has three roomy bedrooms, a complete bathroom with cold and hot water running all the time, a kitchen, a dining room, a living room with a chimney and a porch from which the beauty of the enormous valley surrounded by mountains of Rancho El Carbon can be admired.

During your stay in Rancho El Carbon, food and beverages will be provided by the cook and his kitchen aid.

Constant communication from the house with the hunter teams and with authorities in Puerto Libertad and Caborca is attained by radio, and we also have a (not very reliable) cell-phone service.

Electric energy (127 V-AC) is provided by a gas fueled generator combined with solar cells (12 V-DC).

The property has a road system of nearly 400 km, specially created for hunting purposes, as they give access to the most remote zones of El Carbon in circuits that cover almost 60% of its territory. The roads are traveled by hunters and their guides using vehicles equipped with high turrets. Before each season starts, maintenance is given to these roads, so traveling them is as smooth and noiseless as possible, allowing hunters to watch or track the animals, as the fauna crosses the paths without being alarmed. A lot of muleys have been stalked or hunted from these roads.

In Rancho El Carbon we have a vehicle flotilla equipped with high turrets in order for the hunter and his guide to be transported. Vehicles are driven by a chauffer who knows the roads and is in constant radio-communication with the base camp in case there is an emergency or the vehicle presents a failure, in which case a mechanic immediately provides another vehicle and repairs the failure.

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