About Lance Stapleton.

The author of this article, Lance Stapleton has repeatedly visited Rancho El Carbon. The last time was when que undertook the task of hunting two subspecies of the three species of North American deer (whitetail, blacktail and bura). Six successful hunts in a year! Something no hunter had attained before. He took this magnificent bura deer from the desert in Rancho El Carbon, and the story of this hunt enriches one of the chapters of his famous book, Deer Quest..


Lance Stapleton has writen hundreds of articles which have been published in the most renowned hunting magazines during the last 40 years.

He has authored three best-selling books which are considered as important sources of information. Written in English, in a pleasant, simple and easy to read way, they reflect Lance's great experience as a hunter.

The first of them, A Reference Manual for Hunting North American Sheep, and the second, Trophy Mule Deer, are excellent, but there's no doubt that the best one is his last:

Deer Quest

In it, Lance Stapleton writes about how, in a period of one year, he endeavored to take the six main deer species in North America, something never attained by any hunter. We frankly recommend it!

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